HerbSwift Announces addition of Bee Delightful’s CannaBees™ brand CBD-infused Raw Honey products to its mobile app delivery platform.

June 4, 2019 15:00 ET Source: HerbSwift, Inc.

PHOENIX, AZ, June 4, 2019 HerbSwift, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has added the full line of the Bee Delightful’s CannaBees™ brand (, to its new Phoenix-based CBD delivery service. BETA Trials of the HerbSwift mobile app cbd marketplace began in early May with full services due to roll out once the HerbSwift, Inc team are pleased with a full customer experience during all phases of their transactional processes. Bee Delightful’s CEO, Skylar Johnstone, stated, “2018 was an amazing year for us as we were able to exceed our goal of saving over 1M bees by relocating them to sanctuary properties and of course this was all made possible by the graciousness of our customers. We hope by partnering with a revolutionary platform such as HerbSwift we can save exponentially more bees in 2019 and beyond!” 

HerbSwift, Inc CEO, Michael Silvia added, “CannaBees is a brand that is easy to fall in love with. What they are doing for our endangered bee population is inspiring and we really hope our customers will see the value they add to our society and support them by purchasing their products. I’ve personally watched this brand grow over the last year or two and I am so happy that a company like this, that is giving so much back to our community, is successfully competing with other brands in such a competitive cbd marketplace. This surely is a testament to the conscientiousness of cannabis customers in general and we couldn’t be more proud of that fact!”

The HerbSwift mobile app is able to offer its customers mobile ordering, as well as the ability to live-track the “last mile” delivery of their order.  Until the mobile app has completed BETA trials, customers can purchase their favorite CBD brands through the web platform at .

About HerbSwift

HerbSwift is a mobile app and web-based CBD marketplace, powered by DeliverySwift, that will marry together the disruptive LEGAL Endocannabinoid System Support & Wellness industry with the mobile On-Demand Economy. Users will be able to rate, review and purchase all of the most reputable brands of Endocannabinoid Support Supplements, enjoy friction-less checkout, live-track their orders, receive their order at their doorstep same day and even schedule future orders of their supplements for themselves, friends, relatives or their pets.

About Bee Delightful/CannaBees

Bee Delightful/CannaBees is an Austin, TX-based Hemp CBD brand committed to quality, consistency and bee colony conservation. Their commitment to these characteristics has positioned them as a clear “fan favorite” among CBD consumers. Their product line consists of raw cbd-infused Texas Wildflower Honey. To learn more visit

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