Nurse Courtney

Courtney Allen-Gentry, RN MSN PHN AHN-BC HWNC-BC is the Founder and Visionary of The Center for Integrative Nursing and Cannabinoid Sciences.

Advanced Public Health Nurse, Board Certified Advanced Holistic Nurse, Board Certified Integrative Health and Wellness Nurse Coach.

Nurse Courtney has spent a lifetime immersed in the socio political, cultural and environmental context of cannabis and its impact on the lives of vulnerable populations.

Currently my practice as a Holistic and Integrative Public Health Nurse Coach primarily supports clients turning to cannabis medicine due to the failure of the Western medical system.


My background in nursing includes:

  • MSN, Community Public Health Nursing, San Francisco State University, 2000
  • California Board Certified Advanced Public Health Nurse since 2000
  • Board Certified Advanced Health and Wellness Nurse Coach since 2015
  • Emergency Room nurse since 2009
  • Pediatric, Family and Geriatric Nurse Advocate/Healthcare Navigator
  • Music Camp Nurse, Cazedero Performing Arts, 10 years
  • Nurse Educator since 2000
  • Chronic Disease Manager including Diabetes since 2000
  • Independent Nursing Scholar since 2014
  • Expert Nurse Witness since 2011
  • US Army Reserves, Surgical Tech; M*A*S*H
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified
  • Pediatric Life Support Certified
  • Advanced Disaster Relief @ National Center for National Security and Biopreparedness 

THE YEAR IN CANNABIS | Events that shaped California’s historic 2018

What a year!

The dawn of cannabis in California arrived in 2018, a truly historic year for the state, the movement, and everyone who benefits from access to marijuana.

It was exhilarating and challenging, as the largest legal adult-use market in the world grappled with shifting regulations and escalating testing standards. At the same time, new partnerships and philanthropy networks were made, setting the cornerstones of the industry’s foundation for years to come.


“I have been working on this for decades, and this was the year that the movement crested,” U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D, Oregon) told The Associated Press. “It’s clear that this is all coming to a head.”

As 2019 dawns, we take a look at the year that will always have an important place in cannabis history.


PLUS edibles are precisely dosed, but a delightful treat, too

You want a perfectionist making the edibles.

Jake Heimark had no intentions of starting a food manufacturing company when he got into cannabis. But he and his partners at PLUS took it a step further—they created their own facility.

Heimark, an early Facebook employee in risk management, left tech behind to work in Colorado’s legal marijuana market. During his time with a cannabis incubator developing a banking solution, he saw a massive growth in edibles sales through recreational dispensaries that led to a eureka moment.

He knew he wanted to make edibles. And he wanted to do it in the nation’s biggest growth market: California.

Jake Heimark [Photo courtesy of PLUS]

“We started in a garage in Palo Alto,” says Heimark. He wanted to scale and improve the process, but couldn’t find a facility that met his exacting standards. Everywhere he looked, something wasn’t quite perfect.

So Heimark and his partners did what anyone does when they want something done right.

They built it themselves.