Q: Are Hemp Extract products legal in my State?

A: As of the passage of the Farm Bill in December of 2018, Industrial Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L. With a delta9 THC level at or below 0.3% (and all its derivates and extracts) was completely removed from the Controlled Substances Act (’71) thus making it legal to grow, process and distribute on a Federal level. Most states either already have their own laws that allow for the possession, sale and distribution of Hemp CBD Extracts OR default to the federal law on the subject. There are a handful of States who have passed laws through their legislature that prohibit access to products that contain Hemp CBD Extracts. HerbSwift, Inc. works closely with the Hoban Law Group (CO), the leading cannabis law firm in the country, to ensure we are always up to date with current State laws governing Industrial Hemp and its derivatives and does not ship to or service States that prohibit its distribution. A map can be found on our home page that shows which States currently prohibit Hemp Extract products.

Q: Do I need a MMJ card (medical marijuana license) to purchase these products?

A: No. No MMJ card is needed. Hemp, although very similar to Marijuana, does not contain high enough levels of THC to be considered intoxicating and as such is not treated the same.  Hemp, Hemp derivatives and products containing either are NOT controlled substances under Federal law. Additionally, very few states control or prohibit these types of products. The map on our home page is up-to-date with the states that do actually control or prohibit these types of products. If you live in one of the gray states unfortunately we cannot ship to you yet. If you live in one of those states be sure to put pressure on your legislators to end the prohibition of these amazingly therapeutic products. 

Q:  Will Hemp Extract products that contain Cannabidiol (CBD) get me high?

A: No, CBD is nonintoxicating though you may feel slightly more relaxed than usual.

Q:  Will Hemp Extract products that contain Cannabidiol (CBD) cause me to fail a drug test?

A: No, typical urinalysis drug tests are specifically testing for a metabolite of delta-9 THC which is very different from the metabolite resulting from CBD consumption. Those with very strict employment requirements may want to avoid so-called “Full Spectrum” products as they contain trace amounts of THC which, although extremely rare, could possibly cause a positive drug test.

Q: Will Hemp Extract products that contain Cannabidiol (CBD) interact with any of my other prescription medicines or supplements?

A: Although it is very unlikely any drug interaction can occur with your existing prescription medicines it ALWAYS recommend that you discuss introducing any new medicines, supplements or dietary changes with your doctor before you try them.

Q: Are some Hemp Extract Cannabidiol (CBD) products different or better than others?

A: Yes. Some Hemp Extract CBD products may contain different variants of CBD Hemp Extract ranging from highly purified forms such as ISOLATE to less purified forms such as DISTILLATE. The strength can also vary from brand to brand or product to product. Be sure to pay close attention to labels and always consult with your doctor to determine which form may be more effective for you personally.


A: Broad Spectrum distillate/oil usually refers to a less purified variation of CBD Hemp Extract which does contain other naturally occurring cannabinoids but has had ALL of the naturally occurring DELTA9 THC removed. Full Spectrum distillate/oil usually refers to a very similar less purified variation of CBD Hemp Extract which contains other naturally occurring cannabinoids INCLUDING up to 0.3% THC as allowed by Federal/State laws.

Q. Are some DELIVERY SYSTEMS better than others?

A: Different delivery systems such as Oral (Tinctures, Sprays), Capsules, Edibles, Topicals, etc can work differently or have different effects. For this reason, you should always consult your doctor before starting any new supplements or medications and determine which delivery system is best suited for your needs.

Q: Are Hemp Extract products that contain Cannabidiol (CBD) safe for my pet/child/the elderly?

A: Yes. Hemp Extract Products containing Cannabidiol (CBD) have been shown to be nontoxic, non habit forming, nonintoxicating and helpful in promoting proper function of the mammalian Endo(genous)Cannabinoid System, which itself encourages homeostasis between many of the major mammalian biological systems (such as the nervous system, immune system, digestive system, etc) and are therefore generally regarded as safe for all mammals of any age.

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