CannaBees Rescue Blend™ Raw Honey – Texas Wildflower


Bees are an integral part of our ecosystem. They are the world’s primary pollinators, responsible for a huge percentage of the food we consumer, clothes we wear and flora we play in.

Over the last few years there has been a severe decline in a bee population. They face the very real threat of extinction if we don’t step in and do something.

So let’s do something!

With your support, Bee Delightful™ / CannaBees™ will rescue ONE MILLION BEES in our first year! How’s that possible?

When you buy jars of our honey and tell your friends about Our cause, you become our partner in this critical bee-saving mission. You join a league of extraordinary individuals, including our brave bee keepers, who will us rescue our first 40 colones of endangered bees! That’s One Million Bees in our first year!

When the bees have been properly rehabilitated, we a take a little honey from their thriving hives and return the love to you with our signature…


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